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Σκέψεις μοναχικής πολιτείας-A monk dies in order to live

Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Σκέψεις μοναχικής πολιτείας-A monk dies in order to live

The life of monasticism is life of perpetual spiritual ascent. While the world goes on its earthbound way, and the faithful with their obligations and distractions of the world try to stay within the institutional limits of the church tradition, monasticism goes to other direction and soars. It rejects any kind of compromise and seeks the absolute. It launches itself from this world and heads for the kingdom of God. This is in essence the goal of the Church itself.

In Church tradition this path is pictured as a ladder leading to heaven. Not everyone manages to reach the top of this spiritual ladder. Many are to be found on the first rungs. Others rise higher. There are also those who fall from a higher or a lower rung. The important thing is not the height reached, but the unceasing struggle to rise ever higher. Most important of all, this ascent is achieved through ever increasing humility, that is, through ever increasing descent. "Keep thy mind in hell, and despair not", was the word of God to Saint Silouan of Mount Athos. When man descends into the hell of his inner struggle having God within him, then he is lifted up and finds the fullness of being (..)
In the lives of monks the Christian sees examples of men who took their Christian faith seriously and committed themselves to the path which everyone is called by Christ to follow. Not all of them attained perfection, but they all tried, and all rose to a certain height. Not all possessed the same talent, but all strove as good and faithful servants. They are not held up as examples to be imitated, especially by laymen. They are however valuable signposts on the road to perfection, which is common for all and has its climax in the perfectness of God.

Ι.Μονή Μεγ.Αντωνίου, Florence,Arizona

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Katerina ante portas said...
Καλησπέρα σας, είναι το μοναστήρι του πατρός Εφραίμ που έγινε στην έρημο; Εκεί υπάρχει η Παναγία η Αριζονίτισσα που έγραφε ένας παλιός blogger ο Ελληνας στην Αμερική!

January 29, 2008 1:57 AM
kafetzhs said...
Kαλησπέρα Κατερίνα
Ειναι ακριβώς το μοναστήρι του π.Εφραίμ που θαυμαστά προοδεύει και γίνεται λύχνος υπέρ το μόδιον..